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We Know Pennsylvania 

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest men and women in Pennsylvania’s law enforcement community. The agencies we've worked with range, from District Attorney’s Offices to local police departments spanning a few officers to hundreds of officers.


Some are located in urban districts, others in suburban areas and yet others serve rural communities. The challenges they face are unique, each agency’s culture is unique, and we have taken pride in developing policies and procedures that reflect each agency’s distinct goals.

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- Chief Stephen Skiles (ret.) - East Hempfield Township Police Department

"As a consultant, Maddie was able to adapt current policy rather than simply providing a completely new set for employees to learn.  She understood that the process did not need to be difficult for our employees and that we did not want cookie-cutter policies.  She recognized that every police agency is different and that we each have different needs.  She was willing to learn about our differences and adapt what we already did to meet the PLEAC standards.


After spending a few hours each week with Maddie, I now have a Sergeant who, over the course of 10-12 months, developed the necessary skills and experience to perform the AM duties on his own.  Maddie essentially acted as an FTO and provided a solid foundation for my agency to move forward and feel confident about our ability to remain PLEAC compliant.  Her experience, support, and common-sense approach were a huge asset.   Because of Maddie, the accreditation process became very straightforward and relatively simple for our agency.  Her encouragement made this process much more attainable, and faster than anticipated."

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