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Professional Consulting Services

In today's rapidly changing world, identifying risk and developing preemptive solutions are key to public safety.  The public expects us to achieve perfection. At Aspirant Consulting Group, we help you develop solutions to meet your community's unique needs.  We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive resource for agencies seeking contemporary solutions to the ever-changing challenges they face. We provide the insight and framework to objectively analyze your agency's policies and procedures, identifying areas of strength and points of improvement, and create a framework to ensure improved operational efficiency. Allowing you to accomplish your department's mission while maintaining your resources where they are needed, serving the public.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can help an agency to identify and anticipate key trends and issues facing the organization, both currently and in the future. The planning process also explores options, sets directions, and helps stakeholders make appropriate decisions. Most important, it helps leaders to facilitate and manage change.

Performance Assessment

The goal of a performance assessment is to identify the agency's strengths and points of improvement through an object evaluation of agency operations. The result of the assessment is an actionable plan of improvement to ensure operational efficiency and alignment with best practices.

Staff Studies

Staff studies focus on identifying major themes and phenomena affecting your department’s workloads and service levels, including: processes used by units throughout the department, work culture, employee wellness, staffing levels, procedural outcomes.


The goal is to determine how to best staff the organization to meet the current needs of the community and serves as a framework to ensure your agency can continue to meet the community's needs and expectations.

Community Policing Strategies

Successful public safety initiatives are often the direct result of a strong partnership with the community. These partnerships are not passively formed, but are rather the consequence of proactive policing approaches and strategies.

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