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Technology Services

Information Technology is critical in Public Safety and is a catch-all term that encompasses everything from the basic printers and shared drives to the databases containing your records data and the network infrastructure supporting your body-worn cameras. At Aspirant Consulting Group, we understand the complexities of maintaining the technology that drives your agency while remaining CJIS compliant and resistant to cyber threats. 

We provide a range of solutions from technology consulting to service management, designed to help keep your focus on what matters most. Whether you're looking for help deploying a new BWC system, or looking for a Managed Service Provider to assist you with all of your technology in general, ACG has you covered.

Abstract Background

Our Services


Public Safety Tech

  • RMS/CAD support and administration

  • BWC/Mobile Video rollout and support

  • MDT Deployment & Support

  • Drone Software Support


Managed IT Services

  • Helpdesk IT Support

  • Data Storage and Management

  • Network Infrastructure Management

  • Cybersecurity

  • Email/Account Management

  • Technology Training

  • Database/Server Administration

  • Remote IT Support


IT Consulting

Is your agency too small for an IT Department, but it's in need of an IT Department? Are you encrypting your data? Do you have two-factor authentication? Are you meeting all necessary technology security compliances? Let us help!


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