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Our Origin

Founded in January 2022 by active law enforcement officers, Aspirant Consulting Group began with a focused mission: to address the unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of public safety. Our first-hand experience has not only equipped us with a deep understanding of the issues at hand but has also fueled our dedication to offering specialized and effective professional services.

What sets us apart is the immediacy of our experience. While many firms offer theoretical solutions, our recommendations and strategies are grounded in the real-world scenarios we encounter daily in our roles as active duty officers. This front-line experience gives us a distinct edge in creating practical, adaptable solutions for public safety agencies.

We recognize the gravity of the challenges you face—from public scrutiny and complex regulations to operational effectiveness and personnel well-being. It's not just about policies and procedures; it's about impacting lives, both within your agency and in the communities you serve.

By aligning our active service experience with a customer-focused approach, Aspirant Consulting Group aims to be more than a consulting firm. We strive to be your partners in driving meaningful change, equipping your agency for success both today and in the challenging landscape of the future.

Our Mission And Core Values

At Aspirant Consulting Group our mission is to empower our clients to implement successful public safety strategies through a customer-focused approach.


We recognize that every agency is different.  The communities you serve are different.  Your needs are different.  We want to learn about these differences, adapt what we do in response, and make a product that meets your needs.


As public servants ourselves, we truly understand the implications the policies and procedures we develop have for line personnel, supervisors, and command alike.

We uphold four fundamental values that align not only with professional excellence but also with the unique demands of public safety roles:

Integrity: Our background in public safety imbues every project with a commitment to ethical practice and transparent communication. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because we come from the fields we serve.

Expertise: Our specialization isn't general; it's targeted, up-to-date, and deeply rooted in firsthand experience.

Adaptability: We acknowledge that every agency is as unique as the community it serves. Therefore, we flexibly adapt our strategies to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Accountability: Our involvement doesn’t end once a solution is deployed. We stand beside you, committed to the long-term efficacy and success of the strategies we implement.


as·​pi·​rant | \ ˈa-sp(ə-)rənt \


A person who aspires.

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