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Because the Supreme Court doesn't write briefs about over training...

Don't fall victim to failure to train problems, Chris Boyle's Law Enforcement Cadre provides officers with the training and knowledge they need to face the dynamic and fluid world they operate in.

The Cadre provides high-quality, up-to-date, and Pennsylvania-specific training to the Commonwealth's Law Enforcement Professionals in the form of:

  • Monthly Legal Updates;

  • Monthly Law Enforcement Training; and

  • On-Demand Training.

Don't waste your officer's valuable time with training that "may not apply to Pennsylvania." Officers won't hear, "this is how we do it in our state," because all the training provided is actionable here, where it matters.

Monthly Legal Updates

The Need: Mandatory in-service training faces its greatest challenge in providing up-to-date material for the entire state. Lesson plans, by necessity, are made up a year in advance, which can mean critical information may not be taught until 18 months later. While Departments will do their best to keep up with changes, they do not always have the resources to devote to timely legal updates and training. 

The Cadre's Solution: Each month, officers receive legal update training on current case laws, legal updates, and court rulings that impact how they operate on the street. The priority is making sure officers are aware of legal changes which directly effective them. The Cadre is the backup they need when they need it.

Monthly Law Enforcement Training

The Need: Each year, the list of training law enforcement officers are required to complete seems to grow, despite training budgets remaining relatively unchanged. This is particularly true for those departments that are currently accredited or seeking accreditation.


The Cadre's Solution: Each month, officers receive Pennsylvania-specific training on subjects such as mental health, ethics, handling crime victims, etc. These trainings are developed with subject matter experts on the particular topic and integrate Pennsylvania law. All trainings are included at one low price, ensuring officers get the training they need, without breaking the budget.

On-Demand Training

The Need: Sometimes, training is required to address specific needs or improvement areas within the Department. Unfortunately, accessing high-quality training can be difficult for many reasons; budgets, scheduling, staffing, and so on. Often times this means ignoring the problem or trying to patch the solution.

The Cadre's Solution: The Cadre's on-demand training modules have been developed to address the specific needs of officers on a one-off basis. Officers will be able to receive the training they need, at a time that is convenient for them; because not everyone is available next Wednesday at noon.

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