Training Services

Because the Supreme Court doesn't write briefs about over training...

Being informed is part of the foundation of law enforcement. But the value of the information degrades over time and if you're acting on old facts it can be just as bad as not having any information at all. Just like firearms proficiency, we need to be proactive with ensuring our knowledge base is up to date with changes in the law.  

Because we believe training is so critical, we have partnered with Chris Boyle Law Enforcement Consulting, the premier training firm in Pennsylvania. Chris' experience as a police officer, attorney, and court room litigator, puts him in a unique position to not only understand the impact of legal changes, but gives him the ability to relate the law so officers can understand.  

His training is specific to Pennsylvania because case law is complicated enough, officers don't need to try and sift through cases to try and find what applies to them.  Chris provides concise, clear information so officers have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.   For more information about his training please click below.  

Chris Boyle Law Enforcement Consulting, LLC