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Welcome to the ACG Team

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

ACG is proud to announce a new addition to the team, Lieutenant Edward Schikel (Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office). Lt. Schikel has joined the ACG team and will serve as a Policy and Procedure Specialist, focusing on Evidence, Investigations, and Forensics.

Lt. Schikel started his law enforcement career with the Philadelphia Police Department, rising to the rank of Sergeant and working in various units, including the Crime Scene Unit. He was a key member of the department’s “PPD 2020 Unit” where he was tasked with conducting research into the Department’s efforts to pursue and maintain PLEAC accreditation. Lt. Schikel joined the District Attorney’s Office in November of 2010 after serving fifteen (15) years with the City of Philadelphia, currently serving as the Commander of the Forensic Services Unit.


"Lt. Schikel’s knowledge and experience continue to bolster ACG’s ability to serve our clients in all facets of law enforcement. We are committed to helping Pennsylvania Law Enforcement agencies achieve their goals."


He has participated in hundreds of homicide investigations and has lectured extensively on forensic investigation procedures, evidence collection, and chain of custody. In addition to his decades of law enforcement experience, Lt. Schikel boasts an extensive training history. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee National Forensic Academy, receiving the prestigious Dr. William Bass Award for Forensic Excellence, and received a Master of Business Administration degree from Holy Family University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Alvernia University. He has remained active in the education realm and is an adjunct instructor for Drexel University and Arcadia University.

Lt. Schikel’s background and experience make him an asset to agencies looking to review or improve their current evidence collection, handling, and retention policies and procedures.



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